NEW Print Ads Now Available!

"The Arts. Ask for More." campaign is excited to release new print advertisements based on our current television and radio advertisements.  These new print ads continue the theme of equating the importance of a daily serving of the arts with something as essential as proper daily nutrition for children.  Click on each image of the print ads below to see all the sizes that are available for download (all ads available in color as well as black and white).  Find out how you can use these ads in your own publications by learning more about becoming a PSA Campaign Partner.


Raisin Brahms


Elizabeth Barrett


Nut Crackers

Van Goghgurt

Second Phase of the PSA Campaign Print Advertisements

Released in 2007, the second phase print advertisements have been hugely successful, garnering millions of dollars in donated media and having been featured in publications such as the New York Times and Newsweek.  Please continue using these fantastic ads below.  To view all the ads available for download, click here or click on each image below.


First Phase of the PSA Campaign Print Advertisements
These ads, featuring Louis Armstrong, Caravaggio, Tchaikovsky, and Martha Graham, were the first print ads released by the "Art. Ask for More." PSA campaign.  To download these ads, click here.