Sample Letter - Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor are an excellent and personal way to communicate about arts and education issues important to the community. Letters are usually printed in response to a local issue of importance or a recent article or editorial. Publications are open to critical letters, as long as they are composed in a constructive manner and raise valid issues. Include in the letter your name, address, and phone number. Never send an anonymous letter, as the majority of newspapers refuse to publish letters without signatures. Make sure that the letter is, at maximum, 250 words in length and is proofread carefully before it is sent.

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Dear Editor:

As you are probably aware, children are natural artists. Creativity is a very important part of their self-expression and actually helps them succeed in many subject areas. Studies have shown that students who study the arts develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving techniques, and a drive for excellence. Unfortunately, access to arts education in our schools is eroding. The <name of your school district> School Board must create and fund policies that encourage the district’s administrators and educators to improve the quality and delivery of arts education in our schools.

The arts are much more than just fun “extra” activities for kids. Participation in the arts opens up children’s worlds and minds, and offers children the skills they need for a bright future. The arts teach kids to be more tolerant and open, allow kids to express themselves creatively, promote individuality, bolster self-confidence, and improve overall academic performance. The arts can also help troubled youth, providing an alternative to delinquent behavior and truancy as well as an improved attitude toward school.

There’s not enough art in our schools or in our children’s lives. But almost any parent will say that arts education is very important to children’s well-being—which makes it so surprising that the arts have been allowed to virtually disappear from our children’s learning experiences. The <name of your school district> School Board must take a leadership role in restoring the arts to our schools.

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(Part of this material is adapted, with permission, from the National PTA.)