Sample Letter - Principal

(Your Address)
(School's Address)

Dear (Mr. or Ms.) ___________,

I am the parent of (your child's name). I am concerned that s/he is not getting a strong enough education in the arts. Other principals have learned that school environments improve when there is a strong arts program in schools: attendance rates for both students and teachers go up and discipline problems go down.

Research studies (Champions of Change, 1999) show that students with high levels of involvement in the arts at school do better in other classes, and that the arts are also a means of reaching many students not currently being reached, such as those at risk. The arts also reach students in different ways through active learning, trial and error, judgment calls, and responsible roles in production.

Thank you for all that you do on behalf of (your child's name) and the other students. Please support a strong program in arts education and let me know how I can further support this effort.

(sign and print your name)

(Remember, you can also write to thank a principal for including the arts in your child's education.)