Sample Letter - Teacher

(Your Address)
(School's Address)

Dear Mr. or Ms. ________,

I am the parent of (your child's name). I am concerned that s/he is not learning enough about the arts. Teachers described in research studies (Champions of Change, 1999, p. 38–41 and 94) have found that students who are highly involved in the arts are more cooperative, better able to express their ideas, use their imagination, and take risks in learning. Those are abilities I want to encourage in (your child's name).

There is more information about the power of the arts and helpful resources at Please let me know if there is any way I can further support more study of, and in, the arts at (your school's name).

Thank you for all that you do on behalf of (your child's name) and the other students.

(sign and print your name)

(Remember, you can also write to thank a teacher for including the arts in your child's education.)